Nov 20, 2017

November IHSW

IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) was the perfect excuse to park it on my couch and STITCH the weekend away. Boy I did just that mostly. I appreciate my family for playing along. My hubby had plans all weekend. He volunteered with his local amateur radio club to help out at their Ham Fest which is like a retreat but all geek stuff haha. He had a great time.

My weekend goals was to finish up the June section on the Under the Sea SAL and catch up on a few shows off my DVR. (Once Upon a Time and Riverdale for those curious -- which I was able to catch up on Wohoo) Friday I pretty much didn't leave the couch. It was wonderful. Here is where I got on the June section after Friday...
The jelly, sea star and upper right yellow fish were added. Plus the seahorse had a few more bubbles and the small piece of corral added by the right side of the sea star.

Saturday we had some plans in the evening and I didn't seem to do near as much...
The yellow fish and corral by the seahorse and some of the next jelly was added. A friend came down from Michigan to visit the Geek  Ham Fest and ended up volunteering with Fred all weekend. He crashed on our couch for the night. So we went out for dinner together after the convention was over Saturday. We watched Hitman's Bodyguard together afterward which was really funny. It was a fantastic visit so I didn't miss the missed stitches too much.

Sunday they were gone before I woke up which was okay because I got back to stitching and finished up the June section...
Here is the whole piece now...
Just so in love with how this looks together. Durene Jones is an extremely talented designer that's for sure. I think it's going to stay out to play some more because the next section has a beautiful mermaid to add.

I really enjoyed the new Facebook IHSW group. It was fun to see the others posting pictures of what they were working on. I do notice Saturday I spent too much time on the internet and not enough time stitching so Sunday I tried to keep it away and stitch instead. Now I need to go catch up on emails and blog reading to see what everyone was up to this weekend.

Nov 16, 2017

November Finish and IHSW Project

(Finish #13) November 16th, 2017
November Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Nov 8th. Took 6 Days.

I really wanted to finish this one today and I did. Wohoo! Same as all the other months this was a fun stitch. It definitely had the perfect November feel to it. Now I have 5 left of these monthly snapshots. I think I will do December in December and then hopefully finish the others as soon as I can. I have so many projects screaming to be stitched I don't know when but they will be finished. 

Tomorrow is the start of IHSW. I got all my chores done today. So I'm obligation free I think. I've decided to work on my Under the Sea SAL. The last part I did was May so just a little behind...
Hopefully I can get some good progress this weekend. I will be back Monday with my update. I hope everyone has a great weekend and find lots of stitching time.

Nov 13, 2017

Monday Update

Here is the November Snapshot now after 3 days progress. The first block is finished and the other blocks are outlined and ready to go.

Friday and Saturday we had a blast shopping at Shipshewana. Jeremiah, Mom and me went Friday. It was our first time at these new buildings. The one building had 50 vendors and the other had 150 at least. We had so much fun and found lots of great goodies for Christmas. Saturday Jeremiah stayed home with Fred and we met up with a close family friend to shop again all day. We shopped till we dropped and then shopped more. It was a great time indeed. Yesterday my whole body hurt so I happily threw myself on my couch to stitch all day.

This weekend is the return of the official IHSW...
I looked at the calendar to see what the plans were. Hubby is going to be busy all weekend with his HAM radio club. My poor DVR is full and there are so many shows begging to be watched. So I warned Mom and Jeremiah. They are on their own. Just imagine I'm at a stitching retreat all weekend. IHSW is the perfect excuse to demand a lazy weekend. Are you going to join in too?

Nov 9, 2017

New Start and I won!

I didn't want you left wondering what I decided to work on. So I decided to stop by and write a post. Remember my fun monthly snapshots. I am so far behind. I missed July, August, September, and October. Too busy those months. So I was getting ready to start July....July in November? Beautiful patriotic design in the crisp fall month. So I glanced ahead at November...
How cute! Okay I must skip those other 4 months and start this one right away. So start it I did...
I will be going back to finish those other 4 missed months though so don't worry. Just don't know when. I also was reading blogs and seen that I won a giveaway that Jo hosted during the Halloween Blog Hop. Look what I won...
Shepherd's Bush Spooky Night
I can't wait to stitch it up to display for next year. When I do get it finished I will definitely pay it forward here since I was lucky enough to win it from Jo to begin with. 

I have a busy few days ahead. There is a fun fall festival going on in Shipshewana with lots of fun shopping to do. Mom, Jeremiah, and me are going tomorrow. Then Saturday mom and me are meeting a close family friend to go back. I'm sure we'll have a blast. We always do. Sunday I already have plans to park myself on the couch and stitch so hopefully I'll make up for being busy the next two days haha. Have a great weekend!

Nov 7, 2017

Christmas Jar Finish

(Finish #12) November 7th, 2017
Christmas Jar Ornaments from Dimensions
1st of 4. Used Kit Materials.
Started Oct 30th. Took 8 Days.

It's really hard to get a nice photo but you get the point haha. I must say again this one was a joy to stitch until the last stitch. I just love the way it turned out other than the photo haha. I'm hearing a lot of screaming from my WIP basket. So I think I'll wait a little bit to start the next jar. I really want to get back to this one though and able to display them even this Christmas season.

Nov 6, 2017

Monday Update

I have 6 days of progress into the 1st of the 4 Christmas Jars from the Dimension kit. I really LOVE working on this one. It's a nice change to stitch on the plastic canvas actually. Plus I'm really excited about when the stitching is done it's pretty much done. You cut it out, I think I'm going to put felt on the back, and add the hanger....done. Love that. It won't be sitting in my box of shame pouting like everything else haha.

Saturday we had a fun filled day. My Dad and Step Mom had a Halloween party at the family campground. We went down early to help decorate. They invited a lot of their work friends plus a lot of family showed up too. We ended up with TONS of laughs and great memories to last forever. I'm so thankful Dad got the crazy idea to build a family campground. It has sure made a gathering place where we can make countless memories. Sunday a close friend came down from Michigan and went with Fred to his radio event. Fred was just all smiles. We are again so lucky to have such close friends that we are just getting closer to each year. We are pretty much family. It was a yucky rainy stormy day but they had a blast. Plus I got to curl up with my stitching and DVR. It was another perfect weekend of fun and relaxation.

I hope everyone has a great week. Hopefully I'll be back soon to report on my first finished Christmas Jar.

Oct 31, 2017

Halloween Blog Hop

It's that time of year again. Time for a fun Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Jo. Stop over to her blog to see what it's all about here. In order to play along we are to do few things.

First we give you a letter. Let's see what letter I have to give...
Now that you have your H. I'm supposed to tell you where to go next on your search for more letters...

Then just for fun I can share some Halloween stitching I've done. The funny thing is I love Halloween stitching and I have hardly any to show. I need to do more that's for sure. Here is a fun set I'm working on to try to help with that...
These are from Artecy and so far I've got the pumpkin finished and the skeleton beneath it started...
Here is one of my Halloween displays. You can see two pillows made by friends in the mix of decorations also two Mill Hill beading boxes I did in 2009 on the top shelf...
I hope you enjoyed your stop at my blog. I can't wait to stop by your blog too.

Oct 30, 2017

October Smalls Post

I was busy catching up on blog posts and realized I could still check in for the 2017 Smalls SAL. The check in was October 27th. I knew I didn't have one of the snapshots done for this month so I thought maybe I didn't have a small to check in with. But then I remembered...
My fun Harvest Garden Mill Hill finish. So I do have a finish to report. Wohoo. So now I can participate. I've missed so many of the check in's this year. The pieces I picked out for my monthly pieces next year are really smalls and that will help a lot. I always pick too big of pieces for my smalls haha. Maybe I've finally learned my lesson.

October WIPocalypse

It's time for a WIPocalypse check in. WIPocalypse was a fun idea in the blog world to stitch up all our projects before the end of the world. Luckily that hasn't happened as predicted many times since this SAL started. I use this a fun excuse to keep track of what I work on and how many days in the span since the last check in. The last check in is here on September 27th. Now let's see what I've been working on since then...

June Snapshot -- Finished up the June piece with 3 more days of work. Here is the finished piece...
Harvest Garden Mill Hill Kit -- I started and finished this fun kit in 2 days. Here is the finished piece...
Then I went on a vacation. I did get in some stitching while gone this time.

To the Beach 2013 PALs Piece -- I had started this one in June for the Longest Day SAL. Here is what it will look like...
I only got to here on the first day since I only worked on it for an hour...
I worked on it while attending the PALs Retreat for 2 more days. Here is where I am now...
I finished the first side of the pillow and got a start on the 2nd side.

To the Beach Freebie from Hands on Designs -- I worked on this one at the PALs Retreat. I can't find a picture to show what it will look like when finished. It's basically just a sign that says To The Beach with an arrow.  Here is where I got on it after the first day...
Ocean of Wisdom -- Worked on this tiny piece at the PALs Retreat as well. Then I continued to work on it while resting on vacation. So I worked on it a total of 3 days in this span. Here is where I was on it...
Here is where I am now...
I'm happy with that progress for how busy I've been this month. Hopefully next month will be even better. We also get a fun question to answer with our check in. This month the question is – How did you begin stitching?

I was always a crafty person. I loved having something to do with my hands. I tried needlepoint, latch hook rugs, and all kinds of other stuff. When I was walking through the store I passed a dragon counted cross stitch piece. I figured why not try it. I really enjoyed it a lot. This was when I was in high school. I put it down for a long time. Then when my son was born I realized when he was sleeping or playing I again was sitting with nothing to do with my hands. I picked up counted cross stitch again and it just clicked for me. It was the best stress relief. I joined yahoo groups and started my blog. It was just meant to be. I'm so thankful I happened on that dragon piece. I never finished it. I have no idea where it is. It just was the connection I needed to this wonderful hobby.

Home Sweet Home and a New Project

We made it home safe and sound Saturday afternoon. It was a long 5 and half hour day. I think the only bad part of traveling is how you feel when you get home. I feel behind on everything. I keep telling myself I will catch up. I try not to let myself feel overwhelmed but as always there is a lot to do. Now is my favorite time of year. My lazy months. Yet I look ahead and we have a lot going on so I guess it's not completely lazy.

I did demand the weekend off pretty much after we arrived safe and sound. Stranger Things 2 was on Netflix and yes I had a lot to do but it could wait till today to be started. So guess what we did all weekend? Yep watched Stranger Things 2. Oh I'm so glad we did. It was great. We ended the 9 episodes 10 minutes before the new episode of The Walking Dead. LOL Like we planned it....sure haha. I didn't stitch at all though. I organized my things while putting them away but no stitching. Couldn't look away from the action on the TV.

It feels great to be home. Felt great to pet my dog again. Felt even better to get hugs from my hubby. Poor guy got severe poison ivy all over his arms from doing some yard work while we were gone. It looks horrible. But the work done looks amazing. I told him to hug me without using his arms haha. He is on meds though and it is clearing up quickly. He is so happy to have us home again. He said it gets too quiet without us. Is that a nice way of saying we are loud?

So now is the scramble catching up with everything. It will be done. Sometime. I hope. Onto stitching related news...

I showed you everything I was lucky enough to purchase at the PALs retreat. I got some projects I just can't wait to start. But guess what...I also bought something to be shipped here while I was gone. Have you seen the Dimension kit called Christmas Jars???
For some reason I fell in love with this kit. We love jars. We love decorated jars. How about stitched decorated jars?!? I was trying to behave though because we all know I don't need another project. Right? I mean come on. How many do I need? Then a friend posted she bought it. Jealously kicked in of course. She got hers at Hobby Lobby. We had a trip to Hobby Lobby planned. I hurried to see if they had it...nope. So I went to 123stitch to order it because if your friend has have to right? It was sold out! What? Sold Out! No! I put my name on a list to get an email if it came back into stock. I got the email while we were gone. Now come on I bought several new pieces. Santa shopped a lot too. So why did I need another project. Because. It's cute. It looks fun. It's a kit so you don't have to buy threads. See I need it? LOL So I ordered it of course. (Good thing too because I notice it is sold out again!) It got here safe waiting for me to arrive home. The other pieces I want to start I need to kit up. Guess what is kitted up already and waiting for me impatiently. Yep the Christmas Jars. So I will be starting it today. If you didn't already assume that from this long post about it haha. First I need to get my WIPocalypse post. I'll be right back with that.

Oct 27, 2017

Vacation Day #25

We made it safely to our hotel for the night. We are the hotel we always stay at for our first and last night. That means I get my favorite pasta dish tonight for dinner.....YUMMY. We stopped at Tamarack today and I took photos like I told you I wish I did the first time. For those who have traveled along with me. Remember those wood tools I told you about...
They are real working tools that are made from real wood. See the price on the maglight flashlight?? $1,334. Expensive but the fact they are made from wood is just amazing.

They were also having a pumpkin painting contest. You were given tokens and each pumpkin had a box you put your token in to vote. We had so much fun looking at the beautiful pumpkins. I heard there is a really nice big prize but not exactly sure how much it was. There were different age groups and things like that to make it fair. Here are the ones we voted for...
 Mom voted for Snoopy....her favorite.
 Jeremiah voted for the ice cream because he thought it was really creative.
I voted scary. This one was creepy!!!
Here are some of the other ones...
We really enjoyed the contest. We also had fun today on the toll road. There are 3 stops and the charge is $2 each stop. So we decided to do a pay it backward and paid $2 extra for the person behind us. One time the couple sped up and waved and gave us thumbs up. We really enjoyed giving 3 people a reason to smile hopefully. Maybe they will pay it forward somehow now. Spread a little happiness in this world. 

Tomorrow we should be home. It will be a long travel day but we really are looking forward to making it.

Oct 26, 2017

Vacation Day #24

We stopped for the night at Princeton, West Virginia. Another day closer to home. We found a nice restaurant right near our hotel and had a delicious meal. Now we are resting and watching TV for the night. This hotel is HUGE compared to last night. We were laughing about it. Last night we had to take turns walking through the room and this one we have two huge rooms. LOL What a difference. Now I have to catch up on emails. I also am WAY behind on blog reading. I wonder what beautiful projects you all are working on.