Jan 18, 2018

By the Sea Finish

Yesterday I didn't know what to work on. So I asked mom to pick a number 1 to 75 from my WIP list. She picked Number 10...
This is By the Sea from Praiseworthy Stitches. I bought it from Praiseworthy at the PALs Retreat. I started it for DUCJC in 2016 on Day 14. I only worked on it that one day and here is where I got...
So close to a finish. So I was glad when mom picked that one out because it ended the day like this...
 (4) January 17th, 2018
By the Sea from Praiseworthy Stitches
Complete Kit. Included Frame.
Stitched on 32ct Cream Linen
Threads are included DMC
Started Jan 14th, 2016. Took 2 Days. 
The model shows to make it puffy and make it a pincushion type of fluffy in the frame. I preferred it flat like this instead. Plus as you can tell it's a finished finish. Wohoo!!! That makes 4 finishes already this year and 2 finished off.

This weekend is IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend).  So clear those calendars, warn the family, grab some stitching, and stitch the weekend away. I think I'm going to pick up one of my new mill hill kits that I want finished for the cabin. See ya Monday with the update.

Jan 15, 2018

Jan Gifted Gorgeousness / 2 Giveaways

In the blog world I'm pretty sure you have heard about the wonderful Jo. She runs this awesome blog which if you haven't checked out you definitely need to. On the 15th of each month she does this fun check in for a SAL called Gifted Gorgeousness. The idea is to share things we are stitching that is either gifts for others or we have received as gifts in one way or another. It's beautiful to see how caring other stitchers are and how lucky we are to receive so many wonderful stitching gifts not only from online friends who we might have never met, friends we've had for years, but also from our families. My family are huge supporters of my addiction hobby.

In this span I've worked on a gift my hubby got me for Christmas...
I love the saying and meaning behind this one. It's very special that hubby thought to get this one for me. Here is my progress on it after 4 days so far...
Now that I shared that with you. I would like to add to the chance of my readers to have something to share for the next Gifted Gorgeousness update. I'm hosting two giveaways.

In order to win please make sure I have a way to contact you. I've noticed quite a few no reply bloggers and I need to have a way to get your contact information to mail the patterns to you. Also please make sure to let me know which batch of patterns you are interested in. If you are interested in both that's fine too. I will have Jeremiah pick a name from the lists of people who enter. I will announce the winner Monday the 22nd of Jan.

The first batch is two Post Stitches Patterns from Sue Hillis Designs...
Both patterns have a charm included too.

The 2nd batch is two Janylnn kits from the Cars movie...
These are never opened complete kits.

I hope someone will enjoy these pieces. I will have a lot more giveaways this year. I have a tote full of things I no longer plan to stitch why not spread them to people who will appreciate them.

Monday Update

Last post I showed you where I was last time on Salt Water Taffy. I got 4 more days of progress on it. Here it is now...
So now I have a total of 14 days into this one. I love the bright colors and the fun sea themed items of course.

We had a really weird weekend. Our plans were to be lazy and it seems like plans never work out. Saturday we noticed our Dish receiver was acting weird. We did get some ice Friday so we were waiting to make sure the outside Dish was clear of any obstructions before worrying more. Hubby and I decided to settle in for a Netflix movie everyone was telling me about. It was called Before I wake and it was a horror movie. Two friends had told me about it because they know I love scary movies. Then I get an email from Netflix saying they suggested it for me too. So I laughed and said evidently I'm supposed to watch this movie. It was a great movie. It's about a boy who's dreams come true. Great when it's good dreams. Not so great when it's a bad dream though right? It was a really interesting story and had nice twists. I enjoyed the ending and the complete story so I would definitely say if you enjoy scary movies to check it out. Few times where I jumped but not really a gory type of horror movie.

After that we noticed the receiver was still acting up. Grrr. So I call customer service. 45 mins later she confirmed my worries a technician would have to come out. Luckily they had a spot Sunday.  The guy was here 3 hours. Changed a bunch of "oh this is definitely the issue" things. Then settled on "Well you need a new receiver." Fine we know how to deal with that. The new one made it so I couldn't record the antenna channels which I do pretty much every day. He called to order a part and was told they didn't have it and probably wouldn't. These type of boxes are older. They want us to upgrade to the Hopper. (I really hate change!) Fine I will do without. I can survive. I'll stream online what I can't record. He leaves and we get to thinking. I wonder if the part is online. Yep of course Amazon has it. Don't they have everything? LOL So it's on order and we will able to fix this issue.

Now we have to put everything back in order where the TV stand was. I had moved a lot of my decorations that sit on my TV stand so they would be out of the technician's way. Hubby started to help and we was moving things here and there. Then hubby said something about we should move in our new shelf cabinet I got for Christmas while we were at it. Well why stop there. We ended up rearranging our whole front wall...
My uncle made these two beautiful wooden cabinets for Jeremiah and me. This one is Jeremiah's by his couch on the right side of the TV. He filled it with all his decorations including a bunch he got for Christmas. He said I can have the top of the cabinet though for my candle.
Then you can see the other corner to the left of the TV has my new cabinet. Plus the trunk on the ground was made by my father. It was hidden in a corner and it finally has a place of honor in the open. We had a lot of toys that Jeremiah had grown of out along this wall so it was time to put them away and move some things around. I just LOVE the finished look. Yes it wasn't how I planned to spend my Sunday but I would have had to do it by myself while Fred was at work so his help was very appreciated. Plus now the job is done and it was something I kept putting off. Now this should mean more stitching time this week haha. I haven't decided what I'm going to work on just yet. So many thoughts running through my mind. I love having so many choices though. First I have to do a separate post for my Gifted Gorgeousness Update. There will be a giveaway so make sure to check it out.

Jan 10, 2018

December Snapshot Finish

I can only hope the whole year is this successful. I have another finish to share...
(3) January 9th, 2017
December Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Dec 15th, 2017. Took me 8 Days.
This means now I only have 4 left to do July, August, September, and October. I kitted up July last so it will be ready to go. It will feel weird doing the warm months when it's snowy outside but I was just too busy those months last year to get them done. 

I do have to admit I just love these lazy winter stitching months. I really get a lot done as you can see. Feels great to see some finishes already on my 2018 page. Time to change things up now. I heard screams from a larger WIP. Remember this one...
Salt Water Taffy by Joan Elliott. Here is where I was last time it was worked on...
Which was unfortunately Feb 26th, 2017. So definitely time for this one to come back out of hiding. So I definitely won't be back with a finish to report on this one any time soon. So don't hold your breath please. How about if I come back in a few days with a WIP photo though. See ya then.

Jan 8, 2018

Monday Update with Another Finish

Guess what? I have another finish to report...
2) January 7th, 2018
Winter Messenger by Erica Michaels
Stitched on 40ct Silk Gauze
Threads are suggested Weeks Dye Works
Started Jan 14th, 2017. Took 4 Days.
It's one of Erica Michaels tiny pieces. This whole thing is less than 2 inches by 2 inches. So tiny. I love it!! I used the suggested weeks dye works threads. 1 thread just half stitch. Other than the two specialty stitch rows which were rice stitch and scotch stitch. I started this last January and added it to my YOW list to finish off this year. It's now marked off! Wohoo. I'm thinking about mounting this to a burlap frame but I need to get some pretties to finish it off so hopefully I'll do that soon and it will be another finished finish even. Stay tuned to find out.

We had a very relaxing weekend. We watched a ton of TV shows off our DVR. Damnation, The Orville, and Superstition were on the list this weekend. We seem to save them up till we have a whole season to binge watch. I really enjoy doing that instead of waiting for the new episode. Plus it's not really a matter of wanting to. We just watch WAY too many shows to keep up haha. It's been brutal cold. We broke a lot of records. Now this week it's going to be warmer and rainy. What weird weather but it's January in Indiana so we're used to it. I hope everyone has a great week. I'm working on the December Snapshot so hopefully I'll be back soon to share that finish with you.

Jan 7, 2018

First WIPocalypse of 2018

WIPocalypse is a fun SAL in the blog world where we are trying to stitch all our WIPs before the world ends. Today is our first check in for 2018. We are supposed to...Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Let's see. I'm Katie. I'm a stay at home mother. I have a son who is now 19 years old (Oh my!). I'm also lucky enough to be happily married to a guy that supports my addiction hobby. I started cross stitching in high school and then picked it up more serious after my son was born. I needed something to do while looking after my kiddo. I'm the kind of person that can't just sit still. I need something to do with my hands. So cross stitching worked perfect and I fell in love with it. The internet made stitching even more fun. I found online groups. I got involved in a local stitching group and discovered retreats. I then found blogging. I always wanted to keep a journal but I just hated hand writing. Blogging was the perfect fit. I started blogging in 2004. I moved to another blog in 2005. Then back to this blog in 2007.

I organized my stitching in December and got it all sorted. I put my WIPs including some new starts coming soon into my Goals and SALs tab at the top of my blog. I have 75 things on the list!!! I narrowed it down to 12 things that I really want have to complete this year. Then I joined a Facebook group called Soulful Stitching and they have a YOW - Year of WIPs Challenge. You needed to pick 15 things. So I changed my 12 to 15 and then didn't stop there...I settled on 20 pieces I really want finished this year. Let's see that list...

1. Cabin Fever - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

2. Camping Out - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

3. Christmas Celebration - Frosted Pumpkin. Hubby got me for Christmas. I seen it being worked on a the PALs retreat last year and knew I couldn't live without it. I would love to have it finished this year. Not Started.

4. Christmas Jars - Dimensions I want to finish the last 2 jars.

5. Monthly Smalls SAL - Durene Jones Calendar Using the Durene Jones Calendar for the Monthly Smalls check in. Just finished up the January one in the last post. So I'm doing good.

6. Halloween Sampler - Frosted Pumpkin Hubby got me for Christmas. Told Hubby I couldn't have Christmas without getting Halloween too haha. He supported my addiction. Not Started.

7. Hold on to Hope - HAED So close to finished with this one. I want to get it done and on my wall!

8-12. Monthly Snapshots - 5 Months to Go Need to finish up the 5 months I missed throughout the year.

13. Myrtle Beach Postcard - Erica Michaels Bought at the 2017 PALs. I really want to get this one done to remember our time at Myrtle Beach. Not Started.

14. Spring Bell Pull - Stoney Creek I want to finish this one and hopefully start another season.

15. Under the Sea SAL - 5 Months to Go I want to finish up this fun SAL.

16. You are Loved - Hinzeit Hubby got me this one for Christmas. This was my new start for the new year.

17. Winter Messenger - Erica Michaels Started Last worked on Jan 2016.

18. Ocean of Wisdom - Erica Michaels Started Worked on in Oct 2017.

19. To the Beach - Hands on Design 2013 PALs Started Worked on in Oct 2017.

20.  Where Stitching Meets the Sea - Hands on Design 2017 PALs Not Started.

After those 20 things I would love to finish as much as possible of course. I have a problem starting new things without finishing things. So I'm going to try to limit new starts (other than the planned ones right now). I will try to make myself mark off 5 things from the 75 before starting anything unplanned. Hubby said it sounds like a good plan so we'll see what happens haha. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing what we all accomplish in 2018!!!

Jan 5, 2018

2018 First Finish to Report

1) January 5th, 2018
January from Durene Jones Calendar
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Jan 3rd. Took 3 Days.

I have my first finish of 2018 and guess what........it's even a FINISHED finish. Wohoo!!!

If you are friends with Rachel you saw these cuties as she was stitching them up last year. I asked her about them because I thought they were so adorable. I found out it's a free pattern available on the Durene Jones Facebook group. I had already fallen in love with Durene's beautiful artwork and stitching patterns since she is the artist behind the Under the Sea SAL too. I added them to my 2018 Focus Pieces list to stitch up for the Smalls SAL. 

The back side of the cushion is done with Aida too. I did the checkered outline and added the 2018 year so I could remember when I finished him up. Then I put a backstitch line two lines away from the stitching on both sides and hand stitched it together kind of like you do with a biscornu finish. I love this finishing because no sewing machine needed. 

Now to pick something else from my 75 WIPs to work on for the weekend. So many wonderful choices!!!

Jan 2, 2018

You are Loved Update

Welcome to the New Year. Time for a Monday update on Tuesday haha. We had a fantastic weekend. Saturday Fred (hubby) was busy all day with his Ham radio group. He had a great time. While he was gone I worked on a little bit more organizing my stash and then spent the rest of the day stitching and watching TV.

Sunday morning we took our Christmas tree down. We move our live tree outside and tie it to our pool deck standing up. The birds love it. They have a new place to hide from the cold and boy it's been brutal cold. Last night we got to -30 wind chill. Right now the actual temp is -13 brrrrr. Then we played our Dirty Dice game. It's a tradition we always did on Christmas Eve with my Mom's family. We buy goodies like chocolates, household things that we all use, and groceries we all like. We roll 3 dice when you get a double you can get a present. If you want to though you can steal from someone else. We always make it a lot of fun. I got a Star Wars marshmallow candy so Jeremiah stole it because he loves Star Wars and I don't like marshmallow haha. It all ends up in the same place but we still have fun. Mom was really doing great playing along too. It was wonderful to see.

After that we all went our separate ways and had a Netflix day. Fred and me watched Bright and 1922. Both really good movies. Jeremiah joined us for Bright and he liked it a lot. It's the same producer as Suicide Squad so it was really good of course. 1922 was a Stephen King movie about a farmer killing his wife. It was really good. Not the typical Stephen King but still good.

Yesterday we rented two movies from Redbox. But first we watched the Rose bowl Parade. I love that parade. The floats are just amazing to see what they can make out of flowers and things like that. Then Mom and me made lasagna to bring in the New Year yummy. After that we settled down to watch our movies. First up was Flatliners. It was a remake of the old movie and really well done. Definitely some spots that made me jump. Jeremiah joined us again and we watched Bay Watch with The Rock. It was hilarious of course. It was a great day of movies.

Today marks 2 weeks since Mom's stroke. She is doing so much better each day it seems. She can talk longer times without messing up a word. She still has some issues but they come farther apart. So I really think in even more weeks from now it will get easier and easier. I'm so thankful for that. She is coming back. I can see that. Thanks again for all the prayers/thoughts her way. She means the world to me.

I also got a lot of stitching time on You are Loved by Hinzeit that I showed you in the Dec 30th post. Here is my progress after 3 days of working on it...
I finally fixed the tabs at the top of my blog. The Goals and SAL tab shows all my 75 WIPs waiting in the tubs wanting to me worked on. I also included 15 new pieces that I know will be started soon so they might as well be listed as WIPs haha. My poor brain wants to work on all of them at the same time. I was all planning on switching projects today until I took the photo of You are Loved and now it's begging to stay out....at least another day. LOL We'll see. We all know I have stitching ADD.

About the Family Crest. I have bad news. I know I teased you guys and I didn't mean to I just didn't want to admit it out loud yet. I'm planning on talking to my grandparents about it. I don't enjoy working on it. I think it's because I want it done YESTERDAY and it just drags. It make the process torture. I know it will take forever to do and I don't have forever. So I notice when I work on it I get depressed. I just don't stitch. I find myself walking away and doing everything but picking up my needle. I know my grandparents wouldn't want that. It wasn't the point. They have no idea how difficult the pattern is. It's like a HAED. I need to really enjoy it. Plus since I've started on it I won't pick up my HAEDs. I miss them so much. I have too many other things screaming to be stitched to get depressed about my stitching. So I'm calling it quits. I really hope they understand.

Sorry this ended up being a long update. If you followed me till the end Thanks. I guess I had a lot of say. Have a great week!

Dec 31, 2017

Last WIPocalypse of 2017

Today is the last day of 2017 and also the last check in for 2017 WIPocalypse. This is a fun SAL where our goal is to stitch all of our WIPs before the end of the world. Luckily this event seems to keep getting put off haha. I use this SAL as an excuse to keep track of what I've worked on and the progress I've made in the time span between check ins. Let's see what I've worked since the last check in which was November 26th.

Christmas Jar Ornaments -- 6 Days. I finished up the 2nd jar from the set of 4.
Candy Cane Keychain -- 2 Days. I got the stitching finished up just need to put the keychain together. I don't have a picture of this one right now. Will post later.

December Snapshot -- 5 Days. Got this one started but not finished. Stole this picture from my Instagram real fast.
That's all for this month with the craziness that was Christmas and getting ready for that plus Mom's stroke. It was a blur of a December that's for sure.

Now let's do a quick recap of all my stitching for the whole year...
Monthly Snapshots - 45 Days. The winner for the year. I've loved each stitch too! Just 5 left to finish.
Family Crest - 36 Days. Yes this one you might have noticed I haven't talked about. Stay tuned.
Under the Sea SAL - 21 Days. I've really enjoyed this one. Ready for the August section. Just 5 sections left. I look forward finishing it.
Spring Bell Pull - 11 Days. Working on I block now.
Christmas Jar Ornaments - 10 Days. Finished 2 of the 4.
Salt Water Taffy - 10 Days. I miss this one.
To The Sea - 6 Days. Another PALs pillow type design.
Dream of the Sea Kit - 5 Days.
Easter piece from a magazine - 5 Days. Did for a blog hop.
Ocean of Wisdom - 3 Days. I love working on these tiny Erica Michael pieces.
To the Beach - 3 Another PALs pillow type design too.
Winter Messenger - 2 Days. Another Erica Michael tiny pieces.
Harvest Garden - 2 Day. Started and finished this MH kit.
Flock Together - 2 Days. Started several of these Hands on Design pieces actually on the Longest Day SAL. Just easier not to list the one day on each one. This one I picked up again.
Halloween Minis - 1 Day.
To the Beach Freebie - 1 Day.
Valentine piece from a magazine - 1 day. Finished for blog hop.
Pallet kit - 1 Day. Started and finished this fun kit.

We've done a lot of traveling this year so my stitching wasn't as good as past years. But the memories we made instead was totally worth it. Hopefully this year will find more progress and more finishes. According to my finishes page I had 14 finishes this year. I hope to do a lot better of course in 2018. We'll see. So many of the pieces I work on seem to be large ones. But I have a lot of progress already so that should help them be faster right? We'll see. Who knows what the year brings. I know I will be participating in WIPocalypse again so see ya next check in January 7th!

Dec 30, 2017

Stash, 2018 Goals, New Start for the New Year

Yesterday I finally said that's it and organized my stash. What a job! I have a storage ottoman that hubby uses for a foot stool. It was full of my oldest stash. I emptied it out and got a whole bag of trash and a large stack of things to list as giveaways throughout the year. Then I made it for the stash that I want to keep but don't need to start anytime soon.

The upper left container is designs I would like to do sometime. Of course that means I want to do them all NOW but I looked at my other tubs and realized I needed to get some of them finished first. The blue tub and the container in the front center are full of my current WIPs and new starts for very soon. The things on the floor were things I wanted to include in goals for 2018 and needed attention first. I have some of my Christmas stuff sorted and put into these but not all of it. I was spoiled rotten by Santa. I will add it later. I was already overwhelmed with never being able to anything but stitch this year haha.

So I sit down and made an official list on my computer. WOW! I have 75 things in my WIPs list. Including 15 new to start this year pieces...so far. So my goal is to finish as many as possible of course. I narrowed it down to 12 Focus Pieces to save my sanity a little bit...Yeah right!

Here we go:

1. Cabin Fever - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

2. Camping Out - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

3. Christmas Celebration - Frosted Pumpkin. Hubby got me for Christmas. I seen it being worked on a the PALs retreat last year and knew I couldn't live without it. I would love to have it finished this year. Not Started.

4. Christmas Jars - Dimensions I want to finish the last 2 jars.

5. Monthly Smalls SAL - Durene Jones Calendar Using the Durene Jones Calendar for the Monthly Smalls check in. I fell in love with them watching Rachel stitch them. Not Started.

6. Halloween Sampler - Frosted Pumpkin Hubby got me for Christmas. Told Hubby I couldn't have Christmas without getting Halloween too haha. He supported my addiction. Not Started.

7. Hold on to Hope - HAED So close to finished with this one. I want to get it done and on my wall!

8. Monthly Snapshots - 5 Months to Go Need to finish up the 5 months I missed throughout the year.

9. Myrtle Beach Postcard - Erica Michaels Bought at the 2017 PALs. I really want to get this one done to remember our time at Myrtle Beach. Not Started.

10. Spring Bell Pull - Stoney Creek I want to finish this one and hopefully start another season.

11. Under the Sea SAL - 5 Months to Go I want to finish up this fun SAL.

12. You are Loved - Hinzeit Hubby got me this one for Christmas. More information about this one at the bottom of this post. It's perfect. I'm going to start it for my New Year start and hopefully finish it this year.

So what do you think? I already know I'm insane. I told my family if I buy anything at all to stitch just slap me. Those designers just keep coming out with new things though. They don't understand we need hope to catch up.....yeah right.

So my goals list needs updated at the top of my blog but I will do that later. Hubby is gone all day and I'm going to go watch TV and relax with my New Start for the New Year. I know some people will wait until New Years Day to start theirs but I'm not patient enough to do that haha. Here is a picture of the one I'm starting...
This is called You are Loved by Hinzeit. What a beautiful message. We have nice relaxing plans for the weekend so I should get a lot of stitching time. I'll be back in the new year to show you. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful 2018. I look forward to seeing what the new year brings us all. Thanks for being a part of my 2017! I love each comment and each friend I've made because of this blog.

Dec 26, 2017

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

I hope everyone reading this had a very Merry Christmas. We sure did. My mom insisted on us going to my dad's for our Christmas traditions. I made sure Betty (a family friend) had all the instructions needed for her care and I was only going to be a phone call away. So we went down to my Dad and Step Mom's Saturday afternoon. We spent the evening watching movies together and just enjoying our time together. Sunday we woke up to do presents with them. We were spoiled rotten. We got money to use toward our cabin for the campground. We also got fun dollar store toys and had a blast goofing around a few hours.

We all loaded up and went over to a community building where my Dad's side all gathers. Just too many for my grandparent's house anymore. There were 15 great grand children there. We had so much fun and lots of laughs. We also got a beautiful snow storm. So we took our time getting home. I don't think we were able to go above 40mph most the time. I think we ended up with 5 inches of beautiful snow. We finally got a white Christmas! So beautiful. Yesterday morning we woke up and were surrounded by gifts to open. It was a very wonderful day and we were all spoiled rotten.

Mom is doing okay. It's a week today since her stroke and I'm surprised and yet devastated. I keep reminding myself it's a week today. To just hang in there. She gets confused very easy. Which is exactly what they said would happen. She did great during our Christmas morning though. Just breaks my heart to see her so confused. She will figure it out. She will. I know she will. We are working on it. Playing memory games together. Going through pictures and asking her questions. She is answering faster. Getting it slowly back. The hardest part right now is she keeps forgetting her parents are past away. So every time she has to remind herself of that it's like losing them again. Breaks my heart. But...It's a week today.

I got so many new stitching patterns. My brain is going to explode because I want to start them all. I know I will start something new soon. I don't know what though...yet. Fred and I also got some fantastic decorations for our cabin. We all got clothes, books, some movies, some toys haha, and Jeremiah of course got some new Xbox games. So he's busy playing and smiling about all the stuff he got. I'm going to try to catch up on my email and blog reading. Hopefully I can stitch later today too.

Hope everyone reading this has a fantastic week ahead. 

Dec 23, 2017

Advent Blog Hop

After my last post. Let's have some fun instead. Today is December 23rd. I'm joining in the awesome Jo's wonderful Advent Blog Hop. Each day a new person will post sometime even two. It's so much fun to pop over to other blogs and see what they post. Each post has been so much fun to read and I've found several new friends because of it. Today it's my turn. So let's see what we are supposed to do...

Show some Christmas themed stitching.
Answer this fun question:
How do you plan to spend Boxing Day?  Do you have any traditions associated with this day?
This season I've been working on these fun Dimension Christmas Jar ornaments. They are done on plastic canvas. I have 2 of 4 done so far. They have been so much fun to work on. I love the way they look. Here is some of my past stitching on display for the season...
Now for the question...How do you plan to spend Boxing Day?  Do you have any traditions associated with this day? First I'll be honest. I had to google it. I've heard of it but never knew what it really meant. I love learning new things and I sure did. It's been so much fun to read how everyone spends the day. We normally try to do absolutely nothing. We are still goofing around with whatever we got the day before. I'm 38 years old but my mom still gets me a few toys. Like a Lego kit or something along those lines. So even though I'm grown I still have something to play with haha. This year unfortunately my hubby has to work on the day after. So it will be a little bit different. I really hope to have a nice relaxing day. I will either spend the day stitching or I'm really looking forward to sorting my stash. Also going through any new patterns Santa might bring me and making plans for the new year. I always enjoy that part. The fresh plans. The grand idea of how of course I will finish it all...right??

Dec 22, 2017

What in the World Happened?

Monday I posted about my week's grand plans. Tuesday the world crumbled around me.

I woke up to my mom making me delicious cinnamon rolls. We joked about how I needed to get busy wrapping or I would never be done. So I hurried to eat and started the wrapping. Mom came over to help with sorting the presents out into who gets what stacks. 10am I noticed she just wasn't talking normal. She was saying odd things. Out of place. So our routine when this happens is to check her blood sugar. Yep it was high. Okay. Makes sense. We treated that. No problem. We know what to do. She sat down on her couch trying to relax and she was snoring within seconds. Weird. But okay I'll let her sleep. Jeremiah woke up late and came downstairs. I was checking on Mom's blood sugar and it was back down to normal levels. But she still wasn't making sense. She told Jeremiah to "Go eat his hot dog." What? "It's breakfast Mom." "Okay...go eat your fish." Um...okay. Back to snoring. I went back to wrapping checking on her every few minutes. Weird. She had went to bed early the night before. Why was she so tired. I asked her "Are you okay?" "I'm just really tired." Okay. No problem. "I took my vitamin it was hot." Um no vitamins. What do you mean hot?!? "I looked at the floor." Okay what in the world. I looked up the symptoms for stroke. I knew there was this acronym to remember. FAST Facial Drooping -- Nope she could smile and make faces. Arm Weakness -- Nope she could hold up both arms. Speech -- Yeah what was going on?!? Time -- Get to the ER as fast as possible...But she doesn't have insurance. If I take her to the ER and she's just stressed and tired. Just her blood sugar. Just the start of a cold. She's just tired...right? I kept checking. I kept hoping she would wake up and be normal. Nope. 8pm I said Okay this is enough. Let's go. To the ER we went.

When you get the ER and tell them what has happened and you look around to see how full the ER is and yet they rush you into a room. You wonder....that's nice...wait what's that mean? It means the case is critical. It was. My mom had had a stroke. My whole world was crushing. Now to find out why, how bad, how to stop it, get test and test after test. Wait and wait and wait. Doctor after Doctor. I stayed by her side other than a few moments where my husband brought me home long enough to shower and eat then run back. It was lonely. It was scary. It was terrifying. My 2nd brain wasn't talking to me. My mom was so confused she wasn't speaking. The news took forever. It was scary to hear. Yes it was a stroke. Maybe a blockage. Maybe surgery. Maybe death. Maybe never get better. Wait. What?! This is my mom....this was my mom....this needs to be my mom again. I broke down on some stranger they called in because I begged to speak to someone anyone who could just listen and hug me. Poor guy showed up, walked in, hugged me, and just listened. He was the hospital Chaplin and he did fantastic. He listened. He let me cry like a child. I threw everything at him. I mean come on it's Christmas time!! I have laundry and I never finished wrapping. He just listened. When my husband would talk to me I would be strong. I would respond how I thought I was supposed to. I'm strong. I can handle this. When I was talking to this stranger who didn't know me. I didn't have to be strong. I was crushed. This wasn't fair. This wasn't my mom. This wasn't me. This was not okay. He listened and he gave some advice. He talked about other things. He asked about Jeremiah. He made me smile thinking of how great my life really was...He gave me another hug. He told me it would be okay. After. I felt renewed energy. Finally then the good news started coming...

The results were finally in. No blockages. Minor stroke. She was cleared by physical therapy. She got up and walked down the hallway. She wasn't hurting. She was just confused. It affected her confusion and verbal section of her brain. She was there just needs time. Medicine change would be enough. She could go home. She will be okay. We can do this. I can help. I know her. I know what she needs. Breath....Last night we made it home. To our own beds. To our own home. Today I got everything finished wrapped and ready to go. My sweet husband finished the few things I couldn't wrap myself this evening. My mom is responding well. Yeah she is confused but she's doing better. Every question I ask gets easier. We can do this. I can figure it out. Together we will be okay. Together we will be...
We keep saying....One day we will look back at the Christmas that almost wasn't and shake our head. What a bad thing to have happened. But it happened. Now we deal with it. Now we heal.

Please make sure to enjoy life. Make sure to love your loved ones. Make sure to enjoy everyday. We never know what tomorrow will bring. No matter what we plan sometimes life can really throw our world into a blur of craziness.

Dec 18, 2017

IHSW Monday Update

Well I did get to stitch but not near as much as I of course hoped. Time just flew by and lots of time flew by without stitches being made. Some progress is better than no progress though right?

We got mom's bed and TV setup Saturday. Sunday Mom and me went to get our groceries so this week we don't have to go back out. Today I got busy wrapping presents. I always joke about it's the only time of the year that being spoiled is a bad thing. LOL but I love wrapping presents. It means it's about time for unwrapping them. I just LOVE seeing everyone's face when they unwrap a present. It will be here before we know it now. I'm going to try to get everything done by Thursday.

Thursday is the Shortest Day SAL to celebrate the shortest hours of daylight and the start of Winter. I told everyone I'm going on strike Thursday so hopefully I'll get to stick to it. We'll see. Hope everyone has a great week. Good luck getting everything you need to done.

Dec 15, 2017


It's the 3rd weekend of the month. That means it's IHSW -- International Hermit Stitch Weekend. It's the excuse we all need to tell everyone leave us alone and let us stitch. It's also the blur of December. The preparation for Christmas. The stress of making sure everything is done and ready for the big day.

I have emails to respond to. Blogs to visit. Things that I could be doing.

Guess what I'm going to do...

Park my bum on the couch, kick up my feet, and STITCH!!!

I'm going to start the December Snapshot today which is just too cute. Yes I do have a few plans this weekend that I can't put off. But every other second I will do my best to stitch and get some of my stress to fall away through those lovely X's. 

I hope you can join me. We all deserve it. See ya Monday.