Apr 23, 2018

Monday Update

What a weekend. I didn't figure I would get much stitching time and I was mostly right. Jeremiah and me had a movie day Friday. We needed to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens again. I didn't remember it very well and we had plans to watch Star Wars Last Jedi. So I got schooled Friday on all things Star Wars. I'm so proud of how smart Jeremiah is. I sure can't keep this all straight and since he just LOVES Star Wars he knows it all. I did guess a few answers right on my Star Wars quiz and impressed my teacher so the padawan is learning haha. Friday evening I ended up being busy so Friday was a no stitch day after all.

Saturday we finally had a dry day. So off to our cabin spot we went. Dad got a load of gravel delivered Friday and our plan was to get the gravel put down for under where the cabin will sit...
It was a lot of work! But we got it done. Jeremiah even helped. Boy we were sore Sunday morning. I even used an ax for my first time. Wow! That's hard work!! My poor hand had a sore spot from the rake and the ax handles Sunday morning but this work is so exciting and it will pay off HUGE. Now we can get the cabin delivered which might happen tomorrow if the weather holds off. We just can't stop smiling because the memories we will make here will be priceless. The fun memories of getting it prepared are already wonderful.

Sunday morning Fred, Jeremiah, and I watched The Last Jedi finally. It was really good. But boy those Star Wars movies are long. Finally in the afternoon I was able to get to my stitching.

I finished off the back panel for the Myrtle Beach Postcard other than the stamp but it's done on a separate piece of silk gauze and then attached...
So at least I got some stitching in for the IHSW.

I hope everyone has a great week. I bet it will be blur for us. Mom has a doc appointment today. We are hoping to get the cabin delivered tomorrow. We leave for a mini vacation/weekend away this Friday morning till Sunday. So we will be packing and getting things ready for that. When I can though I'll be back to stitching Ocean in a Bottle this week. See ya later!

Apr 20, 2018

It's IHSW Time!

It's the 3rd full weekend of the month which means it's IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend). The idea of it is to warn your family, grab your stitching, and stitch the weekend away while ignoring all responsibilities. Jeremiah and me watched Star Wars Force Awakens today to get prepared to watch The Last Jedi when we have time so that took most of my time so far today. But now I'm going to curl up and enjoy the rest of the day with my stitching. Fred has a radio meeting so it's TV and stitching time till bed tonight. Tomorrow we might have work at the cabin but we don't know yet. But I guarantee I will put those X's in when and if I can.

Wednesday and Thursday I started on the Myrtle Beach Postcard...
I started on the backside (the right photo above). Here is where I am now after the two days...
It's a mix of over 2 and over 1 on 36ct Misty Rain Linen with DMC threads. I don't know if I'll work on this the whole weekend or not. We'll see Monday I guess.

I also have a fun confession to make. As we all know I tend to cave easy when I see a pattern or set of patterns I really like. I know I know everyone stop laughing!! On Instagram I saw a lady post this set she just finished...
It's from a book called Sand and Sea. I found it on Amazon and added it to my wish list. I showed the picture to mom and she pointed to the spot she will display them. Seriously stop laughing. I know I've told this story before. Anyway....I told her the book would make a nice Christmas gift for me.We both agreed to wait. Then I won $30 from online survey's that I take. The book was $24.99. I giggled and said it must be proof I'm supposed to buy the book. Yesterday I won $20 more. So today I ordered the book. We all know I'm meant to....it's nautical after all...plus technically it was free so I can't feel guilty about it. I just know as do all of you...I don't need any more projects.

So if you are joining in IHSW Good luck finding time for those X's. If not have a great weekend. See ya Monday with an update.

Apr 18, 2018

Stitching Friends will Understand

Jeremiah needed new glasses so today we went to get them. Luckily the place he gets his glasses is right by Hobby Lobby and we had time to spare while waiting for them to be ready to pick up. Last night I was kitting up the Myrtle Beach Postcard project and I found out I needed DMC 931...
Here is Izzy pointing out the one thread I needed. As you can see though it couldn't come alone. I also got charms galore, cute stitched treasure map bookmark kit that was on sale, trinkets, goodies, several pieces of felt, ribbons, and a pile of other floss. I'm sure my readers will understand. You can't leave things behind or they will cry from being lonely. It was my duty to give them a home. I also was able to find a frame on 50% off sale that I needed for a large poster size photo I want to finally be able to hang up. So I was a happy shopper indeed. Plus....like I said....I needed that thread guys.

By the way we love Jeremiah's new glasses...
They almost match his hair. Plus he said it feels great to be able to see clear again. His old pair was 3 years old this June and they were definitely looking worn. Now to get myself some new ones next. I can tell I need them too.

Apr 17, 2018

April YOW Update

This year I joined a new to me Facebook SAL in a group called Soulful Stitching. They have a fun SAL called YOW which stands for Year of WIPs. The goal is to finish at least half of your list. You have to have a minimum of 15 items on your list. It was too hard to pick 15 so I picked 20 things I really would love to finish this year. Throughout the year we update our progress April 18, July 18, October 18, and then December 18 or there after is a drawing for the people who have finished half and posted the updates correctly. I finished my update today on the group and figured I would share here too.

1. August Snapshot -- Not started but I do have it kitted up and ready to go...
2. Cabin Fever -- I did get one day on this Mill Hill kit since the start...
3. Camping Out -- Haven't started this Mill Hill.
4. Christmas Celebration -- Haven't started but did get the fabric bought for it.
5. Christmas Jars -- Haven't made progress on this one. -- 2 Jars Left
6. December Snapshot -- Finished this one!!
7. Durene Jones Calendar -- 4 of these finished now but I'm using them as one project...
8. Halloween Sampler -- Haven't started but bought fabric.
9. Hold on to Hope   -- Big Finish and Framed...
10. July Snapshot  -- Finished this one!!!
11. Myrtle Beach Postcard -- I have this one ready to start hopefully tomorrow...
12. Ocean of Wisdom -- Another one marked off the list...
13. October Snapshot -- No progress
14. September Snapshot -- No Progress
15. Spring Bell Pull  -- Finished up the I block and started the N block Before and After photo...
16. To the Beach -- Finished this one!!
17. Under the Sea SAL -- No progress    5 Sections Left
18. Where Stitching Meets -- No progress
19. Winter Messenger -- Another finish marked off...
20. You are Loved -- You guys have seen this one recently. But here is the Jan beginning and now YOW progress pics though...

So let's recap...
I've worked on 5
I haven't worked on 9 
I have 6 finishes!!! 

So I'm happy happy with my progress. Here's hoping I'll have even more progress for the next check in July 18th.

Apr 16, 2018

Monday Update

Last week was kind of a no mojo kind of week. Monday after my Monday update post I spent time catching up on emails and blog reading so no stitching that day. Tuesday I got just a bit added to the You are Loved piece for the 2nd day of new progress on it so I could have a progress picture for the Gifted Gorgeousness post yesterday. Wednesday and Thursday I just felt meh. No stitching. Just vegging. Friday I finally found my mojo though and got back to work on Ocean in a Bottle. Here is where I was April 2nd when I posted about it last...
That was 6 Days of Progress. Here it is now after 10 Days...
You can see the edge of the right side of the 1st page on the bottom right now. Now I will continue filling the page in till it's complete.

Our weather here in Indiana has just been wacky. We had beautiful 74 and 75 degrees Thursday and Friday. We were able to open our windows and breath the fresh Spring air finally. We were excited about the work we would be able to get done at our cabin spot over the weekend. Then the forecast changed. Starting Friday night after midnight we were supposed to get nonstop pouring rain. We ended up with almost 2 inches of rain and just nasty wind the whole weekend. So needless to say no work at the cabin without a boat. So instead we had a relaxing weekend. Today we've got snow all day and 30's. It's not sticking but it's just crazy to see it be a beautiful winter day in April. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat soon enough. We had friends a little north of us in Michigan that got a lot of ice and lost trees. Then some friends more north in Michigan got a TON of snow. Just never know.

We have some plans this week but hopefully I'll get a new start worked in. I had my hubby pick from 3 pieces on my YOW (Year Of WIPs) list that I hadn't started yet. He picked this one...
It's from Erica Michaels. It is a postcard design in honor of the 20th PALs Retreat in Myrtle Beach. So hopefully I'll get some time to make some progress on it. I hope everyone reading this has a great week. Hope the mojo stays with all of us so progress can be made.

Apr 15, 2018

April Gifted Gorgeousness

It's the 15th of the month which means it's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness update. The point of this fun blog world SAL is to post pictures of things we have either received as a gift or things we are making as a gift. What a lovely thing to share about. Stop over to Jo's wonderful blog to see everyone who has joined in this time.

Since March 15th I've put two more days of work into You are Loved by Hinzeit. My sweet hubby got me this pattern for Christmas. I just love the saying. Definitely something we all need to remember. Here is what it will look like again...
Here is where I was on it for the March check in...
Here it is now...
Now I have 10 days total into this one. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with my Monday update. Have a good Sunday. I'm hoping to get lots of stitching time since it is a very rainy day outside.

Apr 9, 2018

Monday Update

Last week was a relaxing stitching filled week and boy I sure got a lot of stitching time. I already shared a celebration Happy Dance with my readers from Wednesday. This weekend was full of the same. It was too wet to work on our cabin spot so that plan was off. Hubby had amateur radio plans Saturday evening and during the day Sunday. So I declared a HSW (Hermit Stitch Weekend) of my own full of stitching and catching up on TV shows. It was wonderful and guess what I have to share with you....

2 new finishes!!! Plus they are finished finishes!!!
Front Side
Back Side
Info on this one: (Finish 13) April 6th, 2018
To the Beach from Hands on Design
Double Sided Pillow
2013 PALs Retreat Design
Stitched on 28ct Star Sapphire Jobelan
Used Suggested GAST, Classic Colorworks and DMC 3371 Threads
Started Jun 22nd, 2017. Took 5 Days.
Then I was able to start and finish...
  (Finish 14) April 8th, 2018
April from Durene Jones Calendar
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Apr 7th. Took 2 Days.

Here is the whole little shelf area right now...
Just love it! It's so much fun to decorate this area with each season. By the way there is a 4th pillow from the Hands on Design set but my mom stole it so it's missing from this picture haha. There is one last double sided pillow left from the Hands On Design PALs pieces to stitch up. It's on my list to complete this year hopefully. It will be sad not to have a new one to add to it this coming October.

Well it's a new week. We are having weird weather. It's snowing today. Not going to amount to much maybe half an inch but still sure looks like Winter outside. We are supposed to have some 70's later this week so I'll try to hang in there. Never know what it will do in Indiana this time of year. If you are reading this I hope you have a great week and get done what you want done. I hear Ocean in a Bottle calling for attention again. Thanks for stopping by!

Apr 5, 2018

Happy Dance

I'm here to share a Happy Dance with my readers. I marked another piece off my YOW (Year of Works in Progress) list last night. Tuesday I decided to take a break from the Ocean in the Bottle for the rest of this week. So I picked up one of my Erica Michael pieces Ocean of Wisdom. Last time I worked on it was in October and I was here...
After Tue and Wed I was able to get it finished up...
(Finish #12) April 4th, 2018
Ocean of Wisdom from Erica Michaels
Stitched on 40ct Silk Gauze
Used Suggested DMC Threads
Started Jan 19, 2016. Took 8 Days.

Every time I work on the silk gauze I just fall more in love with it. Yes it's tiny. Yes it was scary the first time but I swear I love it more each stitch. It's so delicate and just tiny. It's really not that hard to see with good lighting. Because it's gauze I think it's easier to see then 40ct fabric. I'm glad I have many many more Erica Michael charts to pick from in my backup endless stash. I have an idea for how to finish these tiny gauze pieces hopefully after a trip to Hobby Lobby in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that hopefully.

Apr 2, 2018

Monday Update

Here it is another Monday. Last week was busy busy. We got all our snowmen/winter decorations put away finally. What a job. I love our house when it is all decorated though so it's worth it. Now we have all our Spring decorations out and it looks fresh and ready for a new season to start. Of course our weather sure didn't get the memo. They even had 6 inches of snow just a bit south of us yesterday. Crazy. Now tomorrow we are supposed to watch for severe weather. It's that time of year. Never know what our weather will do.

So we were busy cleaning, organizing, un-decorating, and re-decorating Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we had our Easter shopping to get done. Friday Mom, Jeremiah, and I had a fun trip to Shipshewana for an Antique show and some goodie shopping.

Saturday we went down to do some more work on our cabin spot...
If you remember the last photo there was so much more brush at the back of our spot. You can see the field behind our campground now. We are doing great getting it more and more ready. We also got another area opened up more that we use as a lane so it is wider for our cabin to come through to get to our spot. But then the rain started again. We did get to celebrate Easter with my dad's side Saturday. So laughs and good food both days of the weekend. Wohoo.

Easter sure crept up on us quick this year. Just didn't feel like it should be Easter already. For our Easter we had just us and had a nice relaxing day. We ate ourselves miserable on turkey, ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, cheeses, olives, and a yummy homemade dessert we haven't had in a long time. It was yummy yummy. After that we watched the new Jumanji with The Rock. I was really impressed how they made a new up to date movie and yet paid a lot of respect to the original with Robin Williams. We also watched Justice League. It was really well done too. A wonderful day spent together.

So with all the busy busy last week I still squeezed in two days of stitching on the Ocean in the Bottle piece. Here is where I was last Monday...
Here I am now...
So even in the 2 days I was able to squeeze in some progress at least. This week Jeremiah and me joked about telling everyone we are on Spring Break so we can rest after the work last week. Just a few things to do and hopefully doing a whole lot more of nothing. Which means stitching time should be a lot better this week. Hope everyone reading this has a great week.

Mar 30, 2018

March Smalls SAL Post

Other than the fun Easter Blog Hop in my previous post. (If you hopped by for that just scroll down a bit.) Today is also the check in for the Smalls SAL. The purpose of this SAL is to inspire us to finish at least one small piece each month. I joined a few years ago and picked a year long monthly design set to stitch. I've always loved these monthly themes and it was just the push I needed to stick to it the whole year. This year I'm stitching up Durene Jones Calendar...
My plan is to stitch each month during the month on the calendar hopefully. This month I had a challenge. Since Durene designs this for UK holidays Mother's Day was the celebrated event in March. Here in the states ours isn't until May. I didn't want to change the May to the March design because it's been really cold still and pretty flowers aren't to be found just yet either. So I thought I would try to shoot for something from our Irish heritage and do a Saint Patrick's Day themed cake change. Here is what I came up with...
I am so happy with the finished result. Plus it's finished and on display. 3 down. Wohoo!

Easter Blog Hop

The wonderful Jo has decided to host another Easter blog hop. If you've never heard of a blog hop let me try to explain. You head over to Jo's Blog to find out what blog you start on. You hop along like a little bunny rabbit collecting letters and enjoying all the different posts. At the end you will return to Jo's blog and tell her in a comment on the blog hop post what phrase you have collected. I've heard this is her longest blog hop. I'm really not surprised more people are joining in because they are just so much fun!!! What a way to explore the blog universe and maybe meet some new friends along the way. So let's get to why you are here...
The letter for this stop is R.
Next letter can be found at:

If you are still here I would like to share some recent Easter themed stitching I did. I love using these fun blog hops to make some seasonal pieces to display. This year's I even have finished finished them in time...
Mrs. Julie's bunny had to join in the picture. I recently found her a name. Harrietta. One website I looked for her name on said Harrietta was a name from England that meant Traveler and Explorer. Since she came from England and she has a suitcase because we love traveling how perfect for her right? Anyway Harrietta is helping show off my two new Lizzie Kate cube finishes. I rushed to finish them in time so don't mind the wrinkles. I'm pretty sure I will fix them later. This was a fast fix for now to get them on display for this Easter and this blog hop post. The fabric under them is what I have on the back.

We are going to have a laid back Easter here. Just the 4 of us. We will have goodies hidden for Jeremiah and us adult kids to find haha. Then we will feast on Ham, Turkey, Deviled Eggs, Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and some yummy desserts. We will more than likely have a movie day and just enjoy resting. Happy Easter to all my readers. I hope you enjoy celebrating it however you decide to. Thanks for hopping by.

**Edited to add the end result**
The letters all added up to the first part of a haiku by Matsuo Bashō:

April's air stirs in 
Willow-leaves...a butterfly
Floats and balances
The bold part was the letters we all found while hopping along. What fun!

Mar 26, 2018

Monday Update

Thursday I got started on my new start Ocean in a Bottle. Here is what it will look like when finished...
Friday I demanded a lazy day and got a lot of stitching done. Saturday we had some fun planned. Fred (hubby), Mom, Jeremiah (son) and I went to a traveling flea market called Shipshewana on the Road here in our town. We had a great time and found a lot of stuff we couldn't live without. We all got some new t-shirts to feed our t-shirt addictions. The boys got some beef jerky to snack on. I got two new homemade candles that smell fantastic. We stopped at JoAnns and I got the stuff I needed to finish off my Easter cube projects this week. We also had a delicious meal at a new to us Hibachi restaurant that we will definitely have to go back to. It was a great day. I got a few hours Saturday night on the Ocean in the Bottle too.

Sunday we had just a few chores outside to take care of now that it is Spring but other than that we enjoyed a lazy day. We caught up on a bunch of TV shows and I got a lot of stitching time. So it was a very nice weekend indeed.

Plus like I said I got a lot of time on my WIP...
This is 4 days of progress. I'm stitching it on 32ct Lambswool Jobelan. I'm in love with it!! I put a little bit of the backstitching on yesterday just so I could see how it would look on that first shell and the top of the bottle. I can't wait to pick it up when I have time. It's so much fun to be in love with a piece isn't it? We have a busy week ahead. I can't believe Easter is already this Sunday. Doesn't feel like it should be that's for sure. I hope everyone has a great week.

Mar 25, 2018

March WIPocalypse

Today is a check in for WIPocalypse. This fun blog SAL has a purpose of us stitching all our WIPs before the end of the world. (Yeah right!) This would mostly work if I stop starting new stuff which I doubt I will ever do. I did however start the year with 75 WIPs and I have marked off several projects so I'm trying really I am. I like to use this SAL as a reason to keep track of what I've worked on and how many days on each project. It's nice to look back and see all the progress I've made each month. So let's see what I've been up to since Feb 28th...

You are Loved -- 2 Days
I have 8 days into this one now. My sweet hubby got it for me for Christmas this past year. Love the saying on it.

Hop Squared -- 2 Days
I started and finished this little Lizzie Kate cutie. Will be finishing it up for the Easter Blog Hop Jo is hosting on Good Friday.

Basket -- 3 Days
Also started and finished this Lizzie Kate to finish up for the Blog Hop. (See 2 new starts doesn't help with that WIP list does it? LOL)

Dragon Moon -- 2 Days
Got some more stitches added to this HAED over those two days. The part that looks not stitched in the bottom photo is Kreinik. It's beautiful but in this photo the sparkle didn't show up of course.

Durene Jones Calendar -- 4 Days
Started and finished another part of the Calendar design. So far so good keeping up with these. This one I had to really change up because it was designed for Mother's Day in the UK. I am so happy with the changes I made to make it more us with St Patrick's Day because of our Irish heritage.

Ocean in the Bottle -- 3 Days into this new start (Yep another new start not on my list haha) Going to work on this one again today and will post a WIP update tomorrow so come on back for that. My last posts show what it will look like if you are interested.

Question of the Month – What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend? I've always heard about Etsy but never bought anything from there. I have bought several patterns recently. I love being able to download the pattern and have it right away. Plus the variety available is amazing....or bad if you are trying to stick to a WIP list haha. Here are the ones I've bought from recently...

ValentiCrossStitch - bought a cool Boba Fett to do for Jeremiah (Yeah Yeah not on the list.)
Durene Jones shop - bought 3 cute Christmas pieces to do (They are on the list already so Shhh.)
CutePatternsByMaria - my newest new start (Again not on the list!) is from there and also bought another piece to do in the future...maybe.

So go check those out and see what you can find. For the Feb check in I had 15 days of no stitching. This month I had only 9 so I did a lot better in that department at least. See ya next check in. Hope we all have a lot of progress to share.