May 22, 2017

Vacation Day #31 and #32

Day 31 we had no travel problems the rain held off for our trip through the mountains. We stayed at Mineral Wells, WV which is the place we stayed on the way the first night. I got to have my delicious spaghetti one more time haha.

Sunday was our last day on the road and it was a long one. It takes us a little more than 5 hours to get through Ohio. Plus it's boring and flat and you just want to be home.

We made it a little before 4pm. Izzy (our dog) was so excited to finally have us home. Fred (hubby) of course was too.

Now starts the crazy dash to catch up. I'm so far behind on my SALs...Under the Sea SAL and the Monthly Snapshots. I also have to work on Grandpa's Family Crest. Plus I have a million other things that I want to stitch just to STITCH again haha. I so behind on blog reading! I have a million loads of laundry. We have to get our tomatoes planted and go grocery shopping. Plus this and that and those and these. Ahhhhhh! Guess what too. We leave Thursday evening for a fun Memorial Day camping trip haha. But by then I know I will be really really glad to sit around the fire and RELAX. So to all those who followed along on our travels Thanks! I have so much fun reading all your comments. I enjoyed sharing our adventures with you. Boy we will never forget this trip. What memories. I will settle down and stop posting every day now haha. Have a great week and upcoming Memorial Day. Lots to do so see ya after probably.

May 19, 2017

Vacation Day #30

Another travel day done. We are in Wytheville, Virginia. The last hour of our trip was stormy but we made it safely. A lot of wind and rain unfortunately. We had a nice mexican meal by our hotel and are now in for the night. Looks like the storms have finished off for tonight. We might be driving through more tomorrow. Here's hoping they wait until we reach our destination instead.

May 18, 2017

Vacation Day #29

Another travel day complete with no problems. We found a nice restaurant by our hotel called Fatz Cafe. Oh we feel fat afterward from all the delicious food. Now we can rest and relax. Tomorrow we'll have some big cities to drive though.

May 17, 2017

Vacation Day #28

We hit the road today. Time to start the trip home.
You can see Tampa which is where we started this morning. We are almost to Georgia in Yulee, FL. We got our hotel and found a delicious BBQ place nearby to eat...
Look at these cute decorations...
The food was amazing.

It was a nice problem free day of traveling. Hopefully it will be more of the same tomorrow.

May 16, 2017

Vacation Day #27

Last day here in Tampa, FL. I got our hotels mapped out and booked for the trip home. We got our luggage all repacked and sorted into what we need for the trip home. We also rested. Felt great to be in the AC when it was record breaking heat outside. I think I heard it got to 97! We stepped out once to get some things out of the van and I was glad we were able to quickly come back inside.

Guess what else I was able to squeeze in...
Stitching time! This is a 2 sided pillow that was another exclusive for the PALs Retreat last October. You can follow this link to see what it will look like when finished here. I'm using the specialty Weeks and Sampler threads. Love working with them. Well I'm going back to stitch for a bit. Wish us luck on the road tomorrow.

May 15, 2017

Vacation Day #26

Today was our last day at Busch Gardens. At home on Saturday mornings we watch a show called Wildlife Docs. It's filmed here at Busch Gardens...
Today we got to go behind the scenes and tour the building. I thought we would just hear about their veterinary practices and see the different places they film maybe. It was really extra neat because they were filming so we had to fill out paperwork in case we happened to be filmed. (We weren't though.) It was just the three of us on the tour which made it extra special. Felt more laid back and like we got a really special tour indeed. They happened to be doing a check up on an 8 month old wallaby (small kangaroo in case you don't know). It had just been kicked out of it's mom's pouch and the vets did a check up to make sure everything was okay. He got the all clear and was being woke up from the anesthesia...
So sweet!!! He really didn't want to wake up but we did get to see him move around a little bit.

Then we got to see the procedure room and we saw some hustle and bustle. We got to be in there for two patients.
This American Bittern had a broken leg. They were able to fix it and it's going to be released soon into the wild. The vet here works with 4 rehab facilities and these both were from one of them. They were helping to do the surgeries that the small rehab place wasn't able to do.

Next though was...
An Eagle!!! It was a young bald eagle. That close. We were in the same room. Look at those talons!!! When he first came by he was wide awake. The lady had gloves up to her elbows. No wonder with those talons. We found out his story. He got into a fight with a osprey. After the fight he flew away and into a pole. We joked with the vet that we think it would better to leave that part of the story out. Make it more manly. Like he was taking on 6 osprey and he won but his leg was wounded in the battle. He said he liked our idea for our nations bird instead haha.

After this we got to see the blood lab area. They showed Jeremiah microscopes with mammal blood and reptile blood.
We had read it. Seen it in our Science books. But now we got to see it through the microscope in person. So cool!! It really does look different. Overall the tour was definitely worth it and we really enjoyed it a lot!!!

After that we walked to visit a few animals again. We also watched the rescued animal show again. It was so good the first time.
It was great! We had a great day. We are calling it quits now. We are sweated out. It's going to be even more hot tomorrow. So tomorrow we are getting everything ready for the trip home. We should be home by Sunday if everything goes well. I have to get home so I can leave to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend haha.

May 14, 2017

Vacation Day #25

It's Mother's Day in the US. Luckily we got to spend the day together back at Busch Gardens again.

We started the day at the park with getting to watch a cheetah run. They setup a pulley system with a treat on it and one of the cheetah's shows off catching it. I didn't get a picture of her running since I was too busy being amazed. Here she is after getting some treats from the zookeeper...
She was very well trained.

Jeremiah treated mom and me to a delicious brunch...
We even got flowers when we were done...
We did gem mining. Jeremiah did a bag that had all fossils in it. I did a bag that was all different gemstones. It was a lot of fun...
We did get to see several other animals. But this afternoon the heat got to us. So we ended our day with a jump in our hotel pool. It was cold and felt great after a long hot day.

May 13, 2017

Vacation Day #24

Today was another great day. I feel like a broken record haha. Today is my 38th birthday. I can't believe I'm 38. I know it's "young" to some of my readers but to me it feels old since it's the oldest I've been. I can't believe what I've seen and done in those 38 years. I sure look forward to what's coming.
We got to bottle feed kangaroos today! We each got one bottle and Oh My what a fun experience. They were so soft!!! Plus they closed their eyes and really ENJOYED the drink. How adorable. We just happened to walk by when they were doing it. So glad we did. Yet another amazing memory.
Jeremiah played two carnival games and won two cute stuffed animals. We also got to watch this awesome stage show. They rescued all these different animals and they learn tricks. Not just dogs but cats, rats, a skunk!, two pigs, flamingos, countless birds and parrots, a small horse, porcupine, and I can't think of what else. It was awesome! I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was having so much fun watching. We are going to go watch it again. It was AWESOME. We even got to meet a few of the animals after. We got loved on by a basset hound so my birthday was complete. I miss my dog so bad.
A random squirrel was even trying to make friends with us when we were walking around the park. He was about to jump up on Jeremiah's lap in this picture. He followed us for awhile and then finally went on his way. So cute!!
The radar was showing storms coming in. So we ended our day just in time. It cut loose after we were back at our hotel safe and sound. What a birthday. Another great day!!

May 12, 2017

Vacation Day #23

Today was our first day at Busch Gardens. I was there when I was 15. So only a mere 23 years ago haha. I remember nothing from that trip. I knew it was a large zoo but other than idea. We got our hotel shuttle (So thankful it's handicapped accessible!!) this morning and headed to the park. It's not the peak time of the year so the park is only open 10am to 6pm. So we knew we would be squeezing a lot into each day. We had heard about this behind the scenes safari that you could feed giraffe. So when we got into the park we looked into it. She said earlier in the day is best so we had an hour to get to where we needed to be. Oh I'm so glad we did this. What an experience!!!
Loaded up on the truck. They had a part where they could fold down the side so Jeremiah could see easily. So cool.
I talked with the zookeeper. This giraffe loves attention and has been known to pay close attention to people in wheelchairs. How neat! So she was really checking Jeremiah out. She just LOVED looking at him and got her head pretty much in his lap at one point. She was so sweet. We got to pet her neck and she just stayed right there. It was an amazing experience!!
We got this awesome photo of us being held by this adorable stuffed giraffe. Definitely something we will never forgot.

After this we ate a delicious lunch and watched an awesome Rock a Doo Wop music show. Jeremiah enjoyed it a lot...
They did the oldies songs so Mom and me was singing along. They did a great job. After that we rode a fun train ride that took us around the park. We ate a quick dinner and was going to walk around more but it was time for the park to close. According to the map we hardly did anything. So we decided to extend our stay here and add some more days. There is a lot lot more to do. Be back tomorrow with more fun.

May 11, 2017

Vacation Day #22

Today we moved into Tampa Florida. We wanted to be closer to the Busch Gardens area. This hotel even has a shuttle that goes to the park. It's always nice for mom since they really know where they are going. Plus we don't have to worry about parking and what not. How nice! This is the view from our 8th floor down into the lobby. No ocean out the window though. How will we survive haha.

We are all moved in and have our tickets ready to start tomorrow.

May 10, 2017

Vacation Day #20 and #21

Last two days here in Clearwater Beach.

Yesterday we went back down to John's Pass to finish up our shopping and enjoying the boardwalk area. I found this map online of what the area looks like...
All along the boardwalk we have fun watching dolphins, pelicans, and all the boats. All the stores are full of fun nautical stuff mom just can't live without haha. We've found lots of great goodies.

Today we decided to just stay right here and relax...
It was 93 out today so rather than go down to the boardwalk we stayed in the air conditioning and relaxed in our room. We saw countless dolphins right out our window! Jeremiah enjoyed the relaxed day. He slept till 11:30 even haha. Everyone needs days like these. I even got out my cross stitching finally this afternoon. Felt good to stitch again. Remember readers I stitch too haha. I hope I'm not boring you guys to death with all this vacation stuff. I love reading all the comments I've been getting. So I hope that means you aren't bored. I just love being able to look back on my blog and read about our vacations and the fun we had.

I've also enjoyed reading again. I always had my nose in a book growing up. When I fell in love with cross stitching I just didn't take time to read anymore. I brought along a book to read while on vacation and I'm already to page 170. When I get home I want to find a way to work it in more often. I should be able to do everything I love somehow right?

Tomorrow we are moving over to Tampa Florida to explore. Be back with more then.

May 8, 2017

Vacation Day #19

If you've seen the movies Dolphin Tale you will know what I'm talking about today. We got to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium which is where Winter and Hope live. If you haven't seen the movies they are fantastic. Winter is a dolphin that lost her back fin. They were going to have to put her down and then she showed she wanted to fight. A company offered to make her a prosthetic (portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the movie). It worked and she was happy as could be. In the 2nd movie they had to find her a tank mate to share her time with. Hope was that dolphin. Anyway you should definitely watch the movies.
This is Winter. You can see how her back flipper is missing.
The one on the right is Hope. They were playing with a float at the time.

We also went on a sea life boat cruise with the aquarium naturalist. We got to see an Osprey nest and several dolphins in the wild. Here is me attempting a Fred selfie pose of us on the boat...
Did pretty good. We had a very nice day. The aquarium was very small and more of a rehab facility than a big aquarium but it was a nice visit. Then we went to a restaurant that all you can eat snow crab legs. Jeremiah loves snow crab (I do too) so we enjoyed that. When we got back to the hotel I did a load of laundry. One bad thing with being gone on vacation so long you run out of clean clothes after awhile.

May 7, 2017

Vacation Day #17 and #18

We've been having a lot of fun exploring the area. Yesterday and today we got on the trolley and went down to an area called John's Pass. It's known for being the place to hang out around here. Shopping and restaurants galore. We luckily found out the trolley is handicap accessible so no worries about driving or parking for mom...
There is also a boardwalk area and we could stand there all day. We've seen dolphins, pelicans, egrets, and herons. Also yesterday I seen a manatee right from our hotel window. Amazing!! Couldn't get a picture of him though. He was too quick. Plus I was shocked to see him in the wild. Only my 3rd time seeing them in the wild.
Today then we went back down to John's Pass and went on a fun Pirate themed 2 hour boat trip...
 It was a really fun trip. They told some pirate stories. Gave the kids all water guns and told them to spray the adults. Yep of course right as I was standing there so I got wet haha. They really loved it though. Jeremiah even got an official pirate certificate. How fun! 

When we got back we did some souvenir shopping. Just forced to you know. Got to support that local economy haha. We played some card games together when we got back to our hotel. Tomorrow we're off to an aquarium to explore.