Oct 17, 2017

Vacation Day #15

Today it was cold and windy. We went out for our favorite breakfast at Jolly Roger. The lady who is the manager even recognizes us. She said Look who's in town? We ate a delicious breakfast and then went to Food Lion to stock up on groceries. After that we just came back to the room to rest and enjoy that gorgeous view. The shore birds have been keeping us company out of window as you can see. The bottom picture shows just a little of how cool this room is. It's basically a condo. You get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, laundry, and a nice living area. We can stretch out and just relax. We don't want to leave. We went back out to a delicious Mexican restaurant for dinner and now we are going to rest the evening away. I even have my stitching back out to keep my hands busy. 

Oct 16, 2017

Vacation Days # 12, 13 and 14

So now let's get back to the us vacationing part. Plus I didn't get to share my stitching with you from Friday and Saturday.

Friday I started a new piece. It's a freebie I got at a stitching store from Hands on Design that says To The Beach. I can't find a photo to show you what it will look like. It goes along with her 12 To The Beach designs. Here is my start on it though...
I'm using the suggested GAST threads and 32ct lugana for it. I had to start the E before I went to bed because it looked like I had tried to spell TOOTH and spelled it wrong haha.

Saturday I got out one of my Erica Michael tiny beach projects called Ocean of Wisdom. Here is what it will look like...
Here is where I was last time Nov 2016...
Here is where I am now...
I just love working on these silk gauze pieces.

Sunday we were back to being a tourist. It was our last day in Myrtle Beach. We went back to our favorite seafood buffet and ate ourselves miserable. Then we went to Broadway at the Beach. It's a fun place full of shopping and entertainment. We had stopped there to have lunch at Wahlburgers but didn't get to shop because of the rain. We had a really nice time. Jeremiah and me went on a really fast speed boat ride...
It would flip around real fast and speed through the water. I was kind of surprised Jeremiah was willing to try it. He did and he loved it. We also had a lot of fun feeding the carp and ducks...
We really had fun shopping and walking off our lunch. Then we went back to one of the arcades we had played at Friday for lunch. We had found this Walking Dead video game where you could work together to shoot zombies like you were in the show. Jeremiah and me had a blast and wanted to play it again. Here we are having way too much fun...
Jeremiah kept asking wonder what was coming next because Friday we had stopped playing without completing the whole story. We played it all the way through the story Sunday so now we can rest haha. It was really fun.

Today we hit the road and made our way up here to Kill Devil Hills. Which is also known as OBX or Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is one of my mom's favorite place on Earth and I have understood why for probably 4 years now. It's beautiful. We can relax and just enjoy the ocean. It was a long drive today. 6 hours. Plus it rained about 2 of those hours so we were really tired by the time we got here. We are planning on staying here till Monday.....or moving haha.

Now I think I have finally caught you up. Thanks for joining in my adventure.

PALs Retreat 2 More Booths to Share

I realized I forgot to post 2 booths. This is Fern Ridge Collection. They are the lovely ladies who I took the beaded fob class with. I just love their beautiful beaded fobs and matching needle books.
The last one I forgot to share is Jeannette Douglas Designs from Canada. Her booth is dangerous I really just ran by it with my eyes closed haha. I love her stuff though. The pumpkin pincushion in the one basket has been on my wishlist for several years. Guess what? I won it in a drawing. How cool!

So now you have seen all the wonderful booths we got to shop at...
Plus this gorgeous view...
No wonder I kept going back for 7 years. It was a wonderful run. This was Amy's 20th retreat in Myrtle Beach. Time to see what's next now.

PALs Fun

I still have so much more I want to tell you about. Let me show you some of the fun parts of the PALs Retreat other than all the wonderful booths we can buy from.
This pile of goodies was giveaways we all received. I love the sandcastle ornament made from real sand from the beach.
This pile is what I won from the raffle bags that we could purchase. It also included a ticket to be entered into a drawing for a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate to DownSunshineLane. I didn't win but I still got all these nice things from the bags.
These things were all given to me by sweet people who attend. Two pieces of evenweave. A dammit doll. Bundle of threads with a pumpkin charm. Pincushion that was handmade! Scissor fob made with a real shell found on the beach. A cute tie dye fun purse. Frog Needle minder, roll of archive quality ziplock bags and a beautiful glass ornament with ORTS etched into the glass to store orts in for the Christmas tree. Love each thing. Especially because it meant someone was kind enough to just give them to me.
I did win a prize from Praiseworthy Stitches. Assortment of cute threads.
We have a HUGE table you can bring stuff you no longer want any more. These things decided I needed to give them a home. Free. What's better than that?
These are the purchases I made from the vendors. Can't wait to get busy with them. I know Santa was super busy shopping too and I can't wait to get those either! Is it Christmas yet?!?!
These wonderful ladies are just a few that I have really got to know over the years. Unfortunately Amy the owner of DownSunshineLane and the wonderful host of the PALs Retreat announced Saturday night that this was the last retreat for now. The hotel was bought by Hilton and they priced the conference room too high to be able to come back. The room was full of lots of tears and hugs. I've been to the retreat 7 times now and I love it dearly. I don't think it's over. I think it's just going to change. I really hope more than anything we find a way to get together again somehow. Probably not in 2018 though. So we'll have to figure out another way to see each other. I miss them already.

Oct 15, 2017

PALs Retreat Day 3 Grab Bag Exchange

At the PALs Retreat one thing that is very fun is the Grab Bag Exchange. Our rules are to include these things...
1. something soft
2. something shiny
3. something sharp
4. something blue OR purple
5. something frog related
6. something sweet
7. a favorite accessory for stitching
8. used for storage
9. embellishments
10. something Beach themed
11. something colorful
12. something fun
You can use any kind of container and something fun is encouraged...not just a gift bag. Value is to be around $40. I found this awesome beach coffee mug and thought it would make a perfect grab bag container. I crammed it with goodies. Here it is...
I always worry about what I put in and that it won't be good enough. The lady who received it was happy though so I'll be happy too. Here is the one I received...
With this exchange you can get stolen from while playing. It's played a lot like Dirty Santa if you have ever heard of that. Your number is called and you pick from the table or steal from someone. I had picked the pink bag from the table because the pirate box inside of it caught my attention. It was stolen from me once. I picked a different bag that was cute too. It was stolen from me so I happily stole the pink bag back. I'm very happy I ended up with it because look at all those goodies!! I love everything. It was a very fun exchange. I have more to share but it will have to wait till tomorrow. We've had a long day and I'm tired. Thanks for reading!

Oct 13, 2017

Vacation Day #11 PALs Retreat Day 3

I had missed a few booths in my post yesterday. This is Summer House Stitche Workes booth. I really enjoy her fun projects. Especially the ones she puts on burlap like in the 2nd to the last photo. I have the sand castle finished just need to put it on the burlap. 
This is Erica Michaels booth. I love her silk gauze projects. She also did a gorgeous new exclusive postcard for the retreat this year. I took pictures of both sides to show what mine will hopefully look like when finished haha. She said she is thinking about doing a whole series of postcard designs. Oh I hope she does!! What a fun idea.

Today was the fun grab bag exchange too. It's plays a lot like dirty Santa if you have ever heard of that. I will share about this exchange more in detail later. I am dead tired. So I wanted to get this post on before I fell asleep. I will also share my stitching update of what I worked on today....tomorrow. Bed is calling. But it was a great day.